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Today, in the whole world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live a healthy life, suffering from many diseases such as hypertension, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic diseases and so on due to the polluted environment and unreasonable eating habits.

Therefore, SMS Bio Co., Ltd. is going to commercialize the pine needle distilled concentrate extracted from red pine needles by manufacturing health functional food. By doing this, we’d like to provide healthy and right food suitable for the era when people live more than 100 years to the whole world as well as our country.

Red Pine Oil is indigeous health functional food of Korea which pine needle distilled concentrate is wrapped by vegetable capsules.
According to the book ‘Donguibogam’, written by a Korean doctor, Huhjun (AD1539 ~ 1615), Red pine oil purifies human blood and treats the disease.
Red pine oil has been shown to be effective in the treatment of diabetic and other vascular diseases.

Company History

January, 2020 경기도 해외 수출 프론티어기업 인증
January, 2020 경기도 지사 표창장 수여
January, 2020 100만불 수출 성과 달성
January, 2019 첫 해외 수출
January, 2019 ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 취득
December, 2018 Company established

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    Ban Seok Lee
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    87-8 Geumbok-gil Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (18513)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product Cheong Song Won
Established 2018-12-01
Total Annual Revenue 1~2 billion (KRW)
Total Employees 5~10 people